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Welcome the the all new Bond Brook Tread Fest!!!  The event has a lot going on this year and as you can we’ve shaken things up quite a bit!!  There is something for everyone.  We are really excited to bring this Stage Race to the region.  As an athlete you can go “all in” or pick and choose the events that appeal to you.  We hope we have created something for everyone and that a ton of the riding community out in force to support the growth of the trails in the region.

Stage 1: Saturday, 9 am. The MAIN EVENT!!!  This is a 6 hour endurance event.  Ride as many laps as you can in 6 hours; simple, straight forward, fun!  Race it solo, or get a team of friends together.  Whether you are gunning for a podium, or just want a fun day of riding your bike this is not to be missed.  The course for this year will be adjusted to be more endurance friendly.

Timing for Stage 3 will be much like other 6 & 12 hour events in the region.  Your timing will be a function of the number of laps completed and the total accumulated time for all laps.  There will be a podium for each category.

Fun Race: Saturday 3:45 pm. This brand new event is made for kids and riders that want to come out to support the event, but might be less interested in the more competitive events.  Maybe you are new to the sport, maybe your kids want to come out and race, maybe your fitness isn’t what it used to be…..   This is the event for you.  We will close the course to all other riders and the pressure is off; just go out and do your best, but make sure you are smiling every inch of the way. Costumes are encouraged.  We will have food and music waiting for you at the finish line.

Stage 2 (TIME TRIAL): Sunday 9 am. Mountain Bike time trial. The course will be 6-8 miles long and will be a different variation from any of the other stages.  You will be racing against the clock, alone, and at the end of the day there are no categories, no brackets, and no extra podiums.  There will be 3 men, and 3 women on the podium.   If you are competing in the entire event your time will be added to your total.  The stage will kick off at 9 am with riders leaving at 30 second intervals.  We will start riders based upon previous results and/or your entry category in other stages.  Be ready to ride at 9 with the understanding that you may have to wait your turn to start.

Timing for this event is very straightforward.  Overall placement will be a function of your total lap time.

Stage 3 (ENDURO):  Sunday 11:00 pm.  For the first time ever we are bringing an Enduro “like” event to Bond Brook.  There will be 5 timed segments and overall they will be descending trails.  Each segment will be timed and the cumulative time for each segment will determine the winners.  We will recognize the fastest times for each segment during the awards.  For those hard core Enduro athletes out there, this will be a miniaturized version of the bigger races outside the state, but will hopefully give people a taste for the format.  To encourage participation there will be a long time allowed during the transitions to enable riders to rest and recover.

Timing for Stage 3 will be based upon the sum of all stages and will be broken down by category.  There will be a podium for each category.



*Individuals wishing to compete for the overall event must complete all 3 stages (in a particular category) and must be racing solo. You must also compete in the same category for all stages(except Stage 1).

*Teams: If you wish to compete in the team category for the overall event you need to put your team name as part of your entry for each stage.  Each member of your team will need to compete in all 3 stages.  Teams will be scored by the average ride time for the individual stages, and then accordingly for the endurance portion.  All team awards will be done at the end of the 6 hour race.

*There will be podiums awarded for each individual stage and their subsequent categories.


For the first time ever we will be able to camp for the event at Bond Brook.  All racers will need to reserve camping space on BikeReg when they sign up for the event.  We will have spaces for campers/rv’s, and various places for upto 75 tent sites.  No campfires, no fireworks.  We will have a communal fire-pit near the band & beer tent.  Quiet hours will be from 10p-7a.  Augusta PD will be patrolling the grounds.

Packet Pick-up:

Friday 4-6 pm at Bond Brook.  Campers must check in.

Saturday: 7-8:30 at Bond Brook


The venue opens at 4 pm for those that have registered to camp.


•7:30: Day of Registration opens and Camping check in.

•8:30: Registration closes

•9:00 am: 6 hour event starts

•3:45 pm: 1 Lap Fun / Kids Race.  This is for all the kids and those that just wanna come out to support the event.   Kids may be accompanied by an adult chaperone. All participants have 2 hours to complete the course.

•3:00 pm: Band starts and Beer Tent opens

•4:00-6:00: Awards, Huffy Toss, Skinny Bridge contest, tiny bike slalom, and more.

•7:30-8 pm: Band stops / Beer tent closes.


•7:30 – 8:15: Day of registration opens for Time Trial and Enduro events.

•9:00 am: Time Trial start.  This is a mass start endurance event that will take place on an 8-9 mile course. Team riders are allowed to tag out, or go for another lap as long as they are in the transition area prior to the 5:40 mark.

•11:00 pm: Enduro style event with 4-5 timed sections.

•12:45 pm: Awards ceremony

The following video was created to promote the first years inaugural Tread Fest Event in 2012…please take note..event details and dates are not always the same in each year’s Tread Fest event.